Meet Eyenaemia: Winner of the 2014 Imagine Cup, a private mentoring session with Bill Gates, and $50,000

During the 2014 Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals, only one team took home the grand prize out of the 125 students and 34 teams who made it to the finals. Meet Eyenaemia, the team that won the 2014 Imagine Cup, a private mentoring session with Bill Gates, and $50,000.

Eyenaemia is a team of two medical students from Australia, Jennifer Tang and Jarrel Seah. This morning, these two took home the Imagine Cup as well as $50,000 in front of nearly 4,000 Microsoft employees who were attending the TechReady19 event at the Washington State Convention Center.

Eyenaemia took home the prize for creating a simple and non-invasive screening tool for anemia that analyzes and calculates the risk for conjunctiva through eye selfies. The duo has also earned a chance to sit down with Microsoft Founder and Technology Advisor Bill Gates for a private mentoring session. The duo will also receive an invitation to work with Microsoft YouthSpark for one week.

“I like the way you thought about the world as developing and developed, and even thought about the business model for the two.  Maybe you want to talk a little bit about insurance companies in the developed world and what they may do with your app,” Microsoft CEO Satya  Nadella asked Eyenaemia. “And then in the developing world, you talked about NGOs and other organizations.  So tell me a little more about how you plan to go to market with these governmental or non-governmental organizations.”

“So I have to admit that my experience with insurance companies is lacking. I come from Australia, and we live in a world of socialized medicine,” Eyenaemia’s Seah said, in response to Nadella. “But to the best of my ability, I will answer your question. So we think that insurance companies can use this as a preventative health measure.”

Pictured above from left to right, Founder Hadi Partovi, General Manager Erik Martin, and Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, with Imagine Cup 2014 champions Jennifer Tang and Jarrel Seah of Australia.

Nadella, Partovi, and Martin voted unanimously on Eyenaemia, allowing them to become the 2014 Imagine Cup winners. Hit the VIA link below to check out the team.