Microsoft announces colorful DT-903 charging plates, goes on sale in October

Microsoft has just announced the Lumia 730, Lumia 735, and the Lumia 830 at the tradeshow IFA event in Berlin. In addition, the company has also announced a wireless charging plate named DT-903, which works with Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1.1 (Update 1) and Bluetooth 4.0. Microsoft is touting it to be the “next generation” of wireless charging plates.

The DT-903 comes with a LED notification that glows when a handset is placed on it, and blinks in an event of missed call, text or other notifications. Users can configure the settings in accordance with their needs through the new ‘accessory apps’ that comes with Windows Phone 8.1.1.

The DT-903 also supports NFC, and comes in three colors: white, orange and green. It has been priced at $59 (59 euro) and goes on sale in October. What do you think about the latest DT-903 wireless charging plates? Let us know in the comments below.