Microsoft contractor charged with alleged ‘upskirt’ videos on company property

First, to be clear, this activity is illegal no matter where it takes place, but it seems a Microsoft contractor has been caught filming women while working at the company campus in Redmond, Washington.

Court papers have been filed, charging Leonard Raymundo with filming at least 86 videos beneath the skirts of women, using multiple methods to get close without raising suspicions. Court papers filed on March 28th charge Raymundo with two counts of voyeurism and describe the methods employed by the contractor.

“The defendant appeared to plan ahead and selected his filming locations carefully to ensure an abundance of potential victims”, prosecutor Carla Carlstrom writes in the filing. She also alleges police have found 86 videos, portraying at least 93 different victims. It is not clear if all of the video were filmed on the campus.

Raymundo was caught after another Microsoft contractor found the camera on the ground outside of one of the campus buildings and turned the device over to authorities. Raymundo has no prior criminal history.


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