Microsoft designs future Bing Search concept for Robocop movie, search via natural language

Microsoft and Sony Pictures teamed up recently during the development of the movie Robocop (a remake of the film from 1987) to create a special version of Bing Search. Based on voice recognition and 3D display, Microsoft created Bing Search in the not-too-distant future.

Unfortunately, we cant try out the Bing Search concept, rather we are stuck reading about how Microsoft made this cool concept. You can see it in action when you go see the movie.

“Building off the voice recognition work we have released for Bing on Xbox and Windows Phone, in this vision of search, a character can speak in natural language and instantly receive accurate and relevant results. The solution was to have elements continuously scrolling in and search results updating in a living animated way. We also envisioned a 3D display with the most important things in the foreground. As we know that digital data is going to continue to explode at an exponential rate, we called for the search results tally to be constantly updating as new information arrives,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

According to the company, it was a fun project to work on – and rightfully so as it does appear to be a cool concept. Microsoft recognizes that digital data continues to explode at an exponential rate, which calls for search results to be in real time as new data emerges. Perhaps we are taking a peek into the future of Bing Search, rather than seeing a concept?