Microsoft displays themes created by users in Open Call program

Themes are one of those little behind-the-scenes things that Windows users all take for granted. We all use them, we look for cool new images to add to our desktops, but we tend not to really give the whole thing much thought. Fortunately, Microsoft does —¬†otherwise we would not have as many of them to choose from.

The company adds a continuous stream of new themes, incorporating seasons, holidays, movies, games and more into the mix. But Microsoft has also asked photographers to submit their own creations and promised to push out the best ones in its Personalization Gallery.

Now the company is unveiling its most recent batch of winners. Sets of images include pictures of Queensland, colorful birds, sunsets in the beautiful Sierra region, dragonflies and a whole lot more.

All can be found here. Each theme is free to download and install and works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT.