Microsoft encouraging developers to enable cloud saving of games using Azure

We’ve all been there. We change devices or, for one reason or another, are forced to do a factory reset, and suddenly all of that game progress you worked so hard to achieve is gone. Angry Birds has implemented user accounts to get around this, but most apps don’t. Now Microsoft wants to change that.

Allowing customers to save progress to the cloud means nothing will (or shouldn’t) ever be lost. Microsoft’s Lee Stott talked about the company’s efforts using Azure Mobile Services. “Azure Mobile services – supports storage (and therefore synchronization), notifications, authentication”, Stott states.

Despite that the company would love for you to be using its Windows Phone mobile platform, the company is open to other devices as well. To that end, Microsoft has opened this up to iOS and Android systems also. It will also work on Windows 8/8.1 computer games. “For simple W8 device game state synchronization you can use roaming data storage option”, Stott states.

You can get all of the information by following the link below if you’re looking to add this capability to a game you are developing.