Microsoft giving free week of Gold to users affected by Xbox Live outage

Last month, several users complained of sign-in issues while playing Titanfall. If you were among them, there’s good news for you. Microsoft will be providing you with a free week of Xbox Live Gold.

On March 11, a strange bug disallowed many users from logging into their accounts and enjoy the newly launched game, Titanfall. Microsoft confirmed that it wasn’t Respawn Entertainment’s fault. Furthermore, today the company has notified all the affected users that they will be getting one week of Xbox Live Gold. In a statement to Gamespot, it notes, “Microsoft has notified all Xbox One owners who were impacted by the sign-in issue on March 11 that they will be receiving a free week of Xbox Live Gold, with its apologies for the incident.”

Technically, if you’re qualified for the bonus time, you will be notified. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed whether all Gold members will be given the free time or not.

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