Microsoft investigating Surface Pro 2 WiFi slowdown caused by Bluetooth radio

Microsoft is investigating an issue with the Surface Pro 2’s WiFi connectivity, a company spokesperson confirmed to WinBeta today. Several Surface Pro 2 owners are complaining that their WiFi connectivity slows down when the Bluetooth radio is turned on.

I have Bluetooth wireless audio receiver from Logitech which used to work great with my VIAO laptop, but when using it on my new surface the WiFi connection goes really really slow (seems to me it’s not transmitting or receiving anything)! I’m very happy with my new Surface Pro 2 but since I have all my music on my Surface I find this a very annoying problem!” one Surface Pro 2 owner stated on Microsoft’s official support forum.

Other users have reported that their WiFi becomes temporarily disconnected when Bluetooth is enabled or disabled. In some cases, streaming live tv or even watching a video on Netflix is laggy when Bluetooth is enabled.

“A limited number of Surface Pro 2 customers may be experiencing interrupted connectivity with Bluetooth peripherals. We are looking into the situation and working on a resolution,” a Microsoft spokesperson told WinBeta.

One suggestion that might fix the issue is adjusting the power settings. Head over to the Control Panel and select Power Options. Edit your plan and select the advanced power settings option. From there, go into Wireless Adapter Settings and ensure that you change the setting to “maximum performance” for both battery and plugged in states. If this method does not fix the issue, you will have to wait until the company rolls out a firmware update.

Have you experienced this issue on your Surface Pro 2 device?

  • arrow2010

    LULZ – M$ can never get anything right.

    • Michaël

      Why don’t you like Microsoft?

      • Rob H.

        Why don’t mice like cats?

    • nohone

      Yep, it is not like the other device manufacturer has released one update after another to fix their WiFi issues that have been around for years, and it still does not work. Or the other manufacturer who has screwed up leap year and time change with every version of their OS. And then there are problems with graphics cards that over heat, but that is not the problem of that other manufacturer, oh no, that is the fault of the graphics card maker. Never mind that the device was designed for form rather than proper handling of the components inside. And then the other manufacturer has one problem after another, but we cannot talk about that, because mistakes happen.

    • StarEy3

      LOL – Apple never gets anything right :P

      • Aaditya Menon

        and apple cant………….

  • SanityIsAShotgun

    I do have this problem. Can’t use my Bluetooth headphones when watching Netflix.

  • youngshyne

    at least they are fixing it,

    • Cike

      No, they are not fixing it. Ron, please confirm, but my guess is that you called up and said “Hey, I saw some people complaining about this in a forum. What gives?”.
      Now let me translate the MS response: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. People complain about this and a million other things. I have no idea if this will ever be fixed, but people here are working on lots of things and if the stars align, maybe this will get addressed someday.”

    • Aaditya Menon

      they should try to eradicate all sorts of issues associated with their products………..

  • Cike

    Umm. This is an old problem that has afflicted many of the original Surface Pro owners as well (such as myself). To see that Microsoft is acting like it’s something new and only afflicts a few SP2 owners tells me they still arent ready to take it seriously.

    It wouldn’t be such PITA if the SPs had more than one USB port because you could use other types of wireless receivers without having to choose between your headphones and your mouse.

    • lipper2000

      You are right…had the same problem with my surface pro….to be honest I haven’t noticed it lately but I do remember the issue

    • apostrophedave

      yea, surface pro, any time im downloading something my bluetooth keyboard lags

  • Stephen
  • Abster

    Thankfully no problems here.

  • apostrophedave

    i have a similar problem with my surface pro but i have a feeling its the same problem. its basically the bluetooth slowing down whenever im downloading something, or even if a program is syncing, the mouse starts lagging real bad and goes back to normal once the download is finished.

    this issue was first brought up in the forums 11 months ago and by numerous people after so its a bit disappointing to its only now that microsoft is talking about it publicly. its even worse that the problem is that the wifi and bluetooth are on the same chip and they knew about the problem before the surface pro 2 was released

  • Sioseeker

    On my surface pro 2 there is an ongoing problem with Bluetooth mouse whereby every time Microsoft issue an update that forces a reboot the mouse will not connect. It hangs in trying to connect or trying to disconnect but never does. Numerous fiddling with Bluetooth on off and reboots eventually gets the mouse to connect. Until the next update and reboot

    There is also a problem with wifi. Woeful speeds. Cannot watch streamed video from my nas. I don’t know if this is related to using Bluetooth at the same time.

    Not happy

  • LH

    Ive got the exact same thing on my surface pro 2 128gb, whenever a bluetooth device connects wifi speeds plummet. and whenever the wifi is under heavy use (even HD youtube clips can do this) the bluetooth mouse will be v. slow and lag badly. To get around this I’ve had to buy a USB bluetooth dongle for when I use the mouse and disable the built in bluetooth adapter. This is something I shouldn’t have to resort to on such a premium device, not to mention the inconvenience this causes when I need to use the USB port for something else and forego using the mouse.

  • GF

    I have 3 Surface Pro originals and 1 surface pro 2, all have this problem. This problem has existed since the beginning of the product line. It is ridiculous that Microsoft is just realizing it has this problem . This is coming from someone who really loves this product and would rather hard line with a cable than give it up. I can see that it would be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

  • Mat Smith

    Very interesting. I thought I was the only one with this issue.

    Surface Pro 2 here. Youtube, BBC site, whatever – paid good money for a bluetooth audio receiver for my hi-fi but I can’t use the Surface to watch TV! (plugging in to the screen using Displayport stops audio routing to Surface’s speakers… so no sound for me! Grrr.)

  • slotte

    its driving me crazy!

  • jud

    I do not like the surface pro, it is unreliable and is just not up to an apple ipad. I would never have one if you gave it to me free. I have to use it for work and it is a total nightmare. I am now using the second one that has been issued. I do not like windows, the windows 8 is designed badly and is full of issues. Get me out of here Scotty!!

  • dude71

    Going into the 3rd patch Tuesday next week. Just about 3 months since Winbeta reported on this issue and it still has not been resolved. Why?

  • spikes

    my internet is twice as slow with surface pro 2 as other devices!

    • Rob H.

      That doesn’t make sense. There is no mathematical way of determining that one thing is “twice as slow” as something else. How do you measure slowness? “This object is x slow. So that object is 2x slow.” What unit of measure do you use?

      You might say it is “half as fast”, but then I’d have to call BS, because I own a Surface Pro 2 that connects to WiFi beautifully. Of course i don’t use Bluetooth on it, so maybe that is why.