Microsoft joins the AllSeen Alliance to help standardize the connected home

Have you ever wished that your smartphone could tell your air conditioner to power on as you approach home, which would then get your doors unlocked, shades closed, lights on, kettle brewing, and your bath running by the time you walk through the door? Regardless of the brand of your appliances or the operating system they run on? When things are too good to be true they usually aren’t, but not in this case.

That scenario is not far beyond the realm of possibilities, thanks to the AllSeen Alliance by Qualcomm that Microsoft has now become a part of. The Alliance aims to create open standards for Internet of Things (IoT) devices having publicly released the source code to developers.

Microsoft has joined a number of renowned appliance makers including LG, Sharp, and Panasonic, in addition to retailers, automakers, and cloud service providers to make fully connected homes a reality.

Let us know the ways in which you would like your home appliances to communicate with each other, or would you rather they remain manually activated?