Microsoft offers MSSA training and job interviews to eligible US active duty service members

Microsoft has expanded its Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) training program to active duty service members, the company announced in a press release today. The program provides software development training to eligible US active duty service members who are transitioning out of the service.

“After completing the MSSA, service members are brought to Microsoft for job interviews at the company. Nearly 70 percent of those who have already completed the program have been hired into a technology-focused position by either Microsoft or a Microsoft partner company,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Service members already have leadership experience and an aptitude for complex problem solving, but they need the MSSA program to update their computer programming skills. And that’s where Microsoft comes in. 

“We have the necessary skills and discipline to work at any time, at any place and complete the mission with no regard to time, distance and environment,” explains GySgt. Sarmiento-Louttit, a current member of the first MSSA cohort at Camp Pendleton. “It’s been ingrained in us since training.”

With this program, Microsoft is looking to help create technologies that improve the quality of life. This allows more US veterans to continue serving their country in the form of computer programming — especially for those who are interested in the field.