Microsoft plans to release stereo headset and adapter for Xbox One

The Xbox One has been on the market since the holiday shopping season, but Microsoft seemingly has been in no rush to get the extras out to customers. This isn’t entirely surprising, as games and accessories are constantly being released for consoles. Gaming systems are a product that carry a long shelf-life.

Now the company has unveiled one more item you can grab for that shiny new $500 box. A Stereo headset and adapter is on the way. This isn’t just for listening to your tunes though. It includes a microphone and is intended to utilize the built-in Skype capability of the Xbox One.

Xbox Live chief Larry Hryb announces “The Xbox One Stereo Headset does not use separate batteries and is passively powered through the Wireless Controller. Additionally, headset is compatible with mobile devices, tablets and PC/Mac”.

The headset itself will retail for $79.99, and those want the adapter will need to pony up $24.99 for the option of using a different headset.