Microsoft is pushing Surface customers to move their iTunes to Xbox Music

There is certainly no shortage of music services out there to choose from. Google Music, Spotify, and Rdio are all popular choices, but iTunes remains a stalwart in the market, thanks to getting in early and having its iPod dominate the portable market. But Microsoft has its own horse in this race, in the form of Xbox Music.

Now the company is making an extra push to get Surface customers to give it a shot, and has posted details about how iTunes users can make the switch over to the Microsoft solution. “We’re often asked how a new Surface customer can use their iTunes music and playlist on their Surface. It’s a great question, as you don’t want to start collecting and organizing from scratch when you buy a new device”, the Surface team announces.

To go along with this, the team posted a simple video that demonstrates how it recommends Surface customer make this move. It’s a mere 33 seconds in length, the process is just that simple.

Xbox Music offers all of the same functionality as its competition, and you can try it out free. After your trial, it runs $9.99 per month, or you can pay annually and save a bit, as this runs $99 per year.