Microsoft re-releases the August Update (Update 2) for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT

Microsoft has re-released its second major update for Windows 8.1, also known as the August Update (Update 2 for those keeping track). The update originally launched on August 12, but was pulled a few days later due to a few bugs which rendered 0.01% of users unable to use their PC’s properly. Either way, the update is back in Windows Update with all bugs squashed, so get updating!

Microsoft said in its official statement:

UPDATE September 2nd: On August 15th, as soon as we became aware of a small number of customers experiencing problems with the August 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2 (KB2975719), we immediately investigated and pulled the problematic update making it unavailable to download. Today, we are re-releasing this update with fixes for these known issues.

The update can be grabbed from Windows Update right now. If it hasn’t shown up in Windows Update yet, give it time as the rollout may have to hit your area first. Will you be updating to the August Update? Considering this update isn’t a must-have, many consumers won’t bother updating.

Those who installed the August Update when it first launched were instructed to remove the update, and we assume removing the update will make things easier for you when installing the newer version of the August Update.

  • Coil_Whine

    Good news. Just installed it and hopefully it at least improves performance…

  • StarEy3

    Yeah, I noticed, I went to Windows Update to check if there where any driver updates available (Because those drivers are tested by Microsoft and generally more stable than the ones provided by the OEMs or by the device Manufacturer), and found this instead.

    They released it 3 times, 3rd time is the charm right?

  • birichino

    C’mon Microsoft… I’ll wait till they re-re-release the 4 :)

  • Stephen Burton

    I’ve had no problems with the original update.

    • SM

      neither I

  • Lovable_Hazard


  • HisDivineOrder

    It only took them some weeks to get the update righted. Bodes REAL well for their continuous update scheme they’re going to be soon trying to sell as fantastic with Windows 9.

  • bennny

    RT Rules

  • Panelo

    Microsoft sucks. Complacent monopolist can’t get rid of its complacent monopolist culture. Apple will eventually destroy Microsoft.

    • IB

      Well, no. Both companies have strengths and weaknesses. They tend to occupy different spots in the PC ecosystem. And MS is far from complacent — with about 2.7% of the phone market, and Windows RT on tablets even smaller on the market, MS fears becoming “that OS that runs on grandpa-boxes.” Meanwhile, Apple continues to lose the phone market — iPhones just cost too much when compared to Android. So they’re challenged too.

      I realize that’s a terribly simplistic gloss on a very complex interplay of market and corporate forces. So it goes.

  • Bloody Windows 8

    It’s still a problem for many, in fact the September update added to the woes.

    KB2975719 and KB2980006 = fail.