Microsoft releases video of light show to highlight Infinity Room

Last month Microsoft set up an amazing light show — an art project designed to show off the beauty of big data. That’s a stretch, of course, but the concept is difficult to display in a way that the average person can understand, so the company did its best. 

“From April 15 – 17, the general public was invited to step into infinity and discover new insights at the Microsoft Infinity Room in San Francisco, California”, the company explains in its official announcement of the event. 

Now Microsoft or, specifically, the companies it worked with to create this, has released a video that shows off the 15 x 8 foot room. If you weren’t lucky enough to be in San Francisco then you can experience the light-filled mirrored room in the four minute video, which we have posted below.

Microsoft / Infinity Room from Freefarm – Sound Design & Music on Vimeo.