Microsoft reportedly launching new version of Office for Mac later this year

Dubbed as Office for Mac 2015, a Microsoft Germany executive has stated in a recent interview that the company will launch a new version of Office for Mac during the second half of this year. The productivity suite was delayed due to some internal shuffling of the development team.

A Microsoft Germany official told Computerwoche in an interview that Office for Mac had been delayed because the development team had been folded into the larger Microsoft Business Unit, which is the division responsible for Office on Windows. Previously, the team was part of the Macintosh Business Unit. No word on the status of the Macintosh Business Unit and if it will still exist.

Microsoft is expected to reveal more about Office for Mac later this year. As ComputerWorld reports, it has been 1,232 days since the launch of Office for Mac 2011, so this new version is long overdue for Mac users who wish to have the latest productivity suite of applications from Microsoft.

Chances are the next version of Office for Mac will be called “Office for Mac 2015” since Microsoft adds the next year’s date on an Office edition that happens to launch in the second half of the calendar year. More on this as it develops.