Microsoft Research unveils Code Hunt — a game that teaches you to program

Regardless of your age, student to senior, learning to code is a handy skill, even if it’s only for your hobby and self-interest. Microsoft, a company who has always been on the lookout for developers, has long attempted to help with this. 

Now the company’s Research arm has taken things a step further, turning the process into a game. The software giant has released Code Hunt, which it describes as using “puzzles, which players explore by means of clues presented as test cases, and encourages players to iterate on their code to “capture” it. Their work is then scored depending on the elegance of their solution, and players are encouraged to continue on to the next challenge”. 

The game is browser-based, and with work fine on any modern version, be it IE, Chrome, Firefox or the others. You can find it by following the download link below, though there is technically nothing to install.