Microsoft rolls out updates to several Nokia branded apps, renames them with a Lumia branding

In late-April of this year, Microsoft finalized the acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business. This deal allowed Microsoft to continue to use the Nokia brand name for Asha, Lumia, and Nokia X handsets. For those who don’t remember, Microsoft gets to use the Nokia brand name for the next 10 years as a part of the acquisition deal.

Interestingly enough, although not surprising at all, Microsoft has begun to roll out updates to several Nokia branded Windows Phone apps, renaming them with a Lumia branding. For example, Nokia Cinemagraph, Nokia Help + Tips, Nokia Creative Studio, and Nokia Storyteller have all been renamed to Lumia Cinemagraph, Lumia Help+Tips, Lumia Creative Studio, and Lumia Storyteller, respectively.

It makes perfect sense for Microsoft to make this move, since Microsoft wants to make these products their own in some form or fashion. It was also smart for the company to keep the Lumia brand name considering the strong brand recognition it has. Rebranding these apps is just the beginning, and we totally expect Microsoft to eventually rebrand new Nokia smartphones as well.  Microsoft may just drop the Nokia name and refer to the devices as Lumias, or just brand them as Microsoft Lumia.

Nokia has made a solid footprint in the smartphone arena as the most popular Windows Phone handset maker, and it wouldn’t be a wise decision to abandon the name so early. Clearly, Microsoft is getting their feet wet by rebranding the Nokia apps. 

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