Microsoft shows Metro app devs how to create a fast and fluid app launch experience

In a new Windows 8 app developer blog post, Microsoft outlines the process involved in launching a Metro style app and the process needed to ensure a fast and fluid app launch experience. Microsoft recommends a highly-polished launch flow to ensure a good reception of the app.

In this highly detailed and techinical post, Microsoft shows developers how to design a well-crafted, responsive app launch experience and explains why app launch is a critical time to make a positive impression on users. "Because app launch is highly visible, it’s important to plan this transition well. Not only is the transition front-and-center, but users will experience it repeatedly," Microsoft adds. Every Metro style app will have a splash screen, which is made up of a 620x300 image and solid background color. Once the splash screen is dismissed, the app's landing page is displayed. Head over to the source link for an in-depth look at the code needed to ensure a fast and fluid app launch experience.

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