Microsoft shows off Surface 2 in “new” Surface Frames commercial for the Grammys

Almost like the Super Bowl, the Grammys are prime advertising time. When the award ceremony is broadcast on CBS this Sunday you can expect to see some ads from some big names. Among them is the latest offering from Microsoft — a new advert for Surface 2. Well… it’s sort of a new advert.

In fact it is actually a slightly edited version of a commercial we saw last year, but it is somewhat shorter and has a new backing track. Trimming the advert down to a mere 30 seconds may not be particularly interesting, but the new soundtrack is. This time around we are treated to musical accompaniment from Paul McCartney.

This is not an old song by the Beatles, but a new song — which is in fact called “New” — from Paul’s latest album. Also called “New”… there is a lot of newness in an advert that is actually recycled!

If you’ve not seen it yet, and can’t wait until the weekend, check it out on YouTube below: