Microsoft shows you how Cortana can keep you up to date with your favorite interests

Microsoft has uploaded a new video to the company’s Windows Phone YouTube page, showcasing one of Cortana’s key features. With Cortana, you can keep up to date on things that are interesting to you. Cortana can send you timely notifications for those interests, so you don’t miss a beat on stuff that you care about the most.

You can add or remove interests, turn updates and notifications on and off, and more from Cortana’s Notebook. Cortana’s Notebook already comes with some default interests, such as the weather near you, the latest headline news, a trip planner, getting around, and daily glance. You can easily turn off these interests and add your own.

For example, you can add a daily routine or a sports team to follow and Cortana can keep you in the loop whenever there is an update. Want to track your favorite sports team and their scores? Cortana can do that for you!

We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. For those of you who are running Windows Phone 8.1, which comes with Cortana, let us know if you have toyed around with this new feature and if you have been using it to keep up to date on things that matter the most to you.