Microsoft solves one of the biggest game mysteries, discovers ET cartridges in New Mexico

The urban legend about “E.T.” the Atari game is real after all! Microsoft has exhumed a few “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” Atari Video game cartridges in the New Mexico desert. The discovery proves that the video game company, Atari, buried ET cartridges in the New Mexico desert to keep it from public reach after the game infamously flopped in 1982.

Atari paid millions to acquire the rights to make a video game based on the Steven Spielberg blockbuster, but the resulting product was vilified by critics. Legend had it that the game was so bad that developers decided to bury it.

Last week Microsoft announced that it will be searching for the cartridges of “E.T.” to verify if the 30 year old urban legend is true. In the dig, the crew has found several other things too, which Microsoft will feature in a new documentary.​