Microsoft tempts Xbox 360 owners to upgrade to the Xbox One with $75 promo codes

Xbox 360 owners on NeoGaf are reporting that their Xbox 360’s have been popping up a promotional offer from Microsoft that will give them a $75 Xbox promo code if they purchase an Xbox One. It looks as if Microsoft is trying to woo them into purchasing the newer Xbox One console.

The code will have to be activated on an Xbox One before July 31st for it to work, and it seems to be tied to the same gamertag used on the Xbox 360 the promo appeared on. Also, the $75 credit has an expiration date of 1 year after its activation, which is kind of a bummer if you were hoping to save it for Halo 5, which will probably be out by the Holiday 2015 season.

It’s a little early to tell for sure, but in terms of availability, the promotional offer has been reportedly offered to Xbox 360 users in the US and Canada, and may be limited to Xbox Live Gold subscribers only. We’ll update you once we know more and if it expands to other regions.

Have you received this promo code?

Thanks for the tip, Anon!