Microsoft to use Nokia brand name for Lumia, Asha, and Nokia X lineup


Nokia's Devices and Services Division is a part of Microsoft now. The acquisition is complete, but if you're thinking Microsoft will abandon the Nokia brand so early, you're mistaken. According to a new tweet from the official Nokia Twitter handle, Microsoft will continue to use the Nokia brand name for Asha, Lumia, and Nokia X handsets. For those who don't remember, Microsoft gets to use the Nokia brand name for the next 10 years as a part of the acquisition deal.

When asked on Twitter, Nokia mentioned, "We’ll continue with Nokia-branded products, as Microsoft has licensed the Nokia brand for some time #MoreColorful." Nokia has made a solid footprint in the smartphone arena as the most popular Windows Phone handset maker, and it wouldn't be a wise decision to abandon the name so early in my opinion. The Nokia name is here to stay, at least for the next few years.

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