Microsoft's Surface RT has a 7.6% worldwide tablet market share, according to AdDuplex

Surface RT

According to data from AdDuplex, a cross-promotion network specifically targeted at Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps and games, Microsoft's Surface RT tablet accounts for 7.6% of the worldwide tablet market share. So what exactly does this mean?

Data from AdDuplex was collected during the first month of 2013 (as of January 14th) and is based on 112 Windows Store apps running the AdDuplex SDK. Based on this data, AdDuplex was able to determine that there are more than 7,400 different device models running Windows 8, in just January of 2013. According to the data, Windows RT accounts for 7.6% of tablet devices out there while HP accounts for the majority of Windows 8/RT-based tablets, with a 23% share, as far as manufacturer data goes. Keep in mind that this data is not a 100% accurate measurement of how well these devices and operating systems are doing but its a starting point. In India, the Microsoft Surface RT tablet is ranked 5th while HP devices takes the lead. In terms of manufacturers, Dell is number one in India, while HP is second and Sony is third.

Surface RTSurface RT

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