Mike V Skateboard Party arrives on Windows 8.1, features Xbox controller support

Mike V Skateboard Party has made its debut in the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 devices. For those of you who are skateboarding fanatics, check out this app, which lets you challenge skaters from around the globe. You can even use your Xbox controller!

“Complete achievements, gain experience and upgrade your skaters. Customize your outfits, shoes, board, trucks, wheels and bearings. Challenge skaters from all over the world using our online leaderboards,” the app description reads.

The game features over 25 achievements to unlock new items and locations. You can gain experience to upgrade your favorite skater’s attributes to perform better and achieve higher scores. You can even freely practice and improve your skateboarding skills without any constraints.

The game allows you to select between eight characters, based on your preference. You can choose your favorite gear such as shoes, outfits, boards, trucks, wheels, and bearings. You can select items from Airwalk, Powell & Peralta, Bones, Tork Trux, and Iron Fist Clothing.

Here are the key features of the game:

  • The only HD Skateboarding game available on the market.
  • New, fully customizable control system.
  • Learn over 40 tricks, create hundreds of combinations.
  • Massive skateboard locations to ride including a community center, motel, downtown plaza, junkyard, indoor skatepark and vert ramp.
  • Customize your skater or board with tons of exclusive content including outfits, shoes, boards, trucks, wheels and bearings. Select from your favorite brands including Airwalk, Powell & Peralta and +
  • Gain experience and upgrade your skater’s attributes.
  • Achievements & leaderboards.
  • Soundtrack by Conditions & Revolution Mother.
  • Xbox Controller Support

You can check out the game in action below. Hit the download link to snag the game — it runs for $1.99. Plug in your Xbox controller and game on!