Music and Video apps for Windows 8.1 receive new updates, no change log available

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to both the Music app and Video app for Windows 8.1. Also known as Xbox Music and Xbox Video, these two new updates offer no change log, which leaves us wondering what exactly is new.

“Xbox Music brings you all the music you love in one simple app. Play and manage music from your personal collection and browse and buy songs from Xbox Music. Instantly stream millions of songs free on your Windows 8/Windows RT device. Or get an Xbox Music Pass for unlimited access to music across all your devices. Limits on free streaming apply,” the app description reads.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not provided a change log for the update, which is typical behavior from the devices and services giant. The change log that is currently listed in the app’s description page is very old. Not to be outdone, the Video app also received an update, but just like the Music app, there is no updated change log available.

“Xbox Video brings you the latest HD movies and TV shows on your Windows 8/Windows RT device and makes it easy to watch what you love wherever you are. Rent and buy new blockbuster movies and favorite classics, or catch up on last night’s episodes of the hottest TV shows. Xbox Video also brings you instant-on HD to get you watching right away. Plus, explore your video collection and play your own videos,” the app description reads.

Hit the download links below to update both apps. Let us know what new improvements you notice in the comments below.

Update: The Music app and Video app updates are minor, as they both addresses bugs and improve app performance. 

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  1. MSFT_Guru says:

    After loading the app it showed a list of some changes for the new version. (I didn’t think to make a note of the update log as it appeared on screen, so this is just what I remember)

    It noted some changes on the now playing screen: it is not under the playlists, but instead it is with Collection, Radio, and Explore. And the Now Playing screen has a save button on the right with the full screen button. Also on the Now Playing screen it shows what song is up next and what was on last.

    Another thing added is songs and albums now note Explicit.

  2. Just Blank says:

    also version number is now 2.2.550.0. previous was 2.2.444.0.

  3. System32 says:

    1 change : Now you are able to see the Explcit and Clean version when you download or listening a music
    2 Change : When you are in NOW PLAYING MODE, IN FULL SCREEN, when the song is almost finish to go for the next one, it says you WHAT NEXT (The title of the song ) and what you’ve been listening to.

  4. PhntmStrngr says:

    This update also sees the return of 10hr monthly limit bar for non music pass subscribers in settings> preferences.
    Unrelated, that Andreya Triana and the Grasscut album are a couple of my favorites from a few years back ? ?.

  5. anidexlu says:

    Fixes a bug where people with Xbox Music Pass (like me) couldn’t sign in (nor use the app…)

  6. XBox Video also seems to have stripped away the entire online content – TV Shows and movies – and only shows personal videos for me.

  7. msheets1 says:

    It also seems that the “Now Playing” was moved up to become the fourth item on the upper area of the left side-bar. I’m not sure if the full screen now playing returned in this update or a previous one, but I hadn’t noticed it since the redesign (but had asked for it). In general, it seems that the “Now Playing” section was the most affected (some of the items display differently, a save button instead of a long save phrase, etc.) The screenshot on this article is incorrect.

  8. jafagasa says:

    heres a screenshot of the changelog from my update:

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