Netflix for Xbox now allows users to recommend movies and shows to their friends on Facebook

Ever watch a show or movie on Netflix and immediately think your friends would love to see it too? Well, with the addition of a new social feature to the service, Netflix is allowing you do just that through its Xbox app for Xbox One and Xbox 360, among other devices.

From now onwards whenever you will finish watching a TV show or a movie, Netflix will prompt a message asking if you would like to recommend that title to any of your friends on Facebook. In case your friend hasn’t connected his or her Facebook and Netflix accounts, the service will send them the recommendation through Facebook Messenger.

The company says that it will roll out the feature today to its website users, alongside Xbox platforms among other devices including iPhone, iPad, PlayStation 3. The company hasn’t mentioned Windows 8 or Windows Phone, but we will let you know once it becomes available.

How do you like this new feature? Will you prefer this easier method over a simple “hey check out this movie I just saw” phone call?