New Xbox One video montage shows you why ‘it’s more fun on Xbox One’

Microsoft has uploaded a new video montage to the official Xbox channel on YouTube. In this video, Microsoft hypes you up for some of the games that are exclusively available on the Xbox One — including a glimpse at Halo The Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive.

The video montage, which is just over a minute and thirty seconds in length, is intended to show you why its more fun on the Xbox One. Clearly Microsoft is trying to entice gamers to pick the Xbox One over the rival PS4. With the best exclusives, spectacular new franchises and the best multiplayer community, it’s more fun on Xbox One,” the video description reads. 

Microsoft is still working hard to beat the PS4 in terms of sales. The company now has a $399 Kinect-less Xbox One option, and we shall find out in the next month or two just how well the company has fared in comparison to the PS4.

We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!