NFL Connect app arrives in Windows Store just in time for the Super Bowl

Better late than never, right? The NFL season has wound down to the point of only two teams left to play a final game. But just before the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks meet in a possibly cold and snowy MetLife Stadium, the NFL has released its Connect app for Windows.

The app comes with one particularly interesting feature – “Play live games with friends, predict events, swap game tiles and be the first to achieve a connect! It’s live NFL action with a fun, social, predictive twist”.

Jeff Meisner of Microsoft further explains “The game board features key players and plays, and you manage game tiles in a race to be the first to “connect” four tiles in a row based on the actual events of the live game. Players can use weapons to mess up their opponents’ gameplay”.

The app is free, and you can grab it from the Windows Store by following the download link posted below. Grab it before kickoff on February 2.