No need to wait for E3, Microsoft has pre-show announcements planned

E3, the big games show, kicks off on June 10th in Las Angeles, California. It’s that time of year where all of the big development studios get together to show off the latest and greatest titles, and sometime there are major hardware announcements. However, this year you won’t have to wait for everything. 

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer is promising news will be forthcoming before the show opens. In a Twitter response to a follower, Spencer let it be known that the company would, in fact, be making pre-show announcements. 

Needless to say, Spencer didn’t give any hints — we’ll have to wait and seen what is coming, and we also do not even know exactly when things will be announced. This doesn’t mean Microsoft will not have a presence at E3 — the company will most certainly be there, and unveiling other things during the three day long show.