Nokia 929 Icon user guide glimpsed in latest leaked image

There are two new phones in the Nokia pipeline that are receiving considerable attention these days. Normandy because it runs Android, and the Lumia 929, also known as the Icon, because it just keeps showing up places unexpectedly.

In the latest leak, we get a look at the phone’s user guide, complete with images displaying where each function is located. The image was posted by @evleaks, who has done this a time or two before.

There isn’t anything earth-shattering here, as we already know most of what is included in the upcoming handset, which will be released on Verizon in the US. No major button movement, no big redesign, you’ll be getting a rather traditional Nokia Windows Phone. It’s essentially a five-inch version of the existing 1520.

What we still don’t know is the precise release date, though rumors persist for February, but also for a bit later. Perhaps we’ll need to wait for Mobile World Congress to finally get something concrete.