Nokia acquires US company Medio, will work on bringing personalized location based map results

On Thursday, the Finnish technology company, Nokia, announced that it is buying US company Medio. Nokia said that Medio’s smart data technology will help it enhance and bring more features to its mapping services.

The acquisition comes a week after Nokia acquired natural language startup Desti. Medio, which has about 60 employees, is known for its predictive analytics that Nokia could use to improve its location-based services by including more personalized results and maps. Much like how your search results are different from other users, the maps you will see will be different as well.

Microsoft acquired Nokia’s devices and services last year, however, Nokia’s network and mapping services weren’t part of the acquisition. Nokia has been strengthening both of the divisions ever since the deal with Microsoft was finalized. A quick look at Medio’s offering suggests that it might be able to help Nokia at other areas as well (which might be the case since we don’t know the exact terms of the deal).