Nokia Glance screen app updated with support for Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is not a mystery anymore. Recently, several apps on the Windows Phone Store showed compatibility with the Windows Phone 8.1, hinting that most of the apps will be able to run on the new OS without issues, or get updated by the respective developers. The whole point is that the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 is near. Recently, Nokia updated the Glance Screen app with a very interesting new feature on board — that is support for Windows Phone 8.1.

There shouldn’t be any doubts about its existence or the rumors that its going to make its first official appearance at the Build 2014 conference next month in San Francisco. We’ve seen countless numbers of leaks about the new Windows Phone 8.1, and the features it is expected to bring to the table, including the highly anticipated action center that displays notifications from various apps as well as quick access to toggle buttons for connectivity settings and more, voice assistant Cortana, improved WiFi, ability to change the default SMS app and lots more. You can view the complete list of leaked Windows Phone 8.1 features here.

Build 2014 is just a few weeks away, and we’re hoping to see some handsets powered by the latest OS, as well as a possible release date for the OS, next month at the conference. We’ll update you as soon as it gets official.

  • Aaditya Menon

    Pretty impressive though….

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I sort of find it odd that Nokian apps can run in the Settings screen (¿hub? ¿app?) ¿why can’t Samsung/Anycall, H.T.C. and Huawei do this?

    • StarEy3

      Nokia has a more direct partnership with Microsoft, which apparently gives them more rights to modify the OS

    • Abster

      They definitely can if they show MS they’re serious about the platform just as Nokia is (was).

  • Hector