Nokia launches "Smoked by Windows Phone" alternative in UK, offers winner £10

Smoked by Windows Phone is a campaign currently running in the United States, which compared a Windows Phone device to other competitor phones such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Those who are defeated by the Windows Phone lose out on $100, if you win, you get $100. This campaign has made it's way to the UK under the name 'The Lumia Challenge'.

The Lumia Challenge is the Smoked by Windows Phone alternative for the UK, the Lumia Challenge uses the same concept, where the Windows Phone will go against another phone such as the iPhone. Those who are defeated by the Windows Phone lose out on £10, which doesn't sound as tasty as that $100 offering in the US.

The prize doesn't stop there though, even if you win or lose, you'll receive a free £50 gift voucher that they can use to buy a Lumia device, sounds pretty sweet right?

Challenges that the Windows Phone will face are simple things like searching for a song, or updating Facebook. This advertising campaign is proving popular in the US, so will it get the same attention in the UK even with the small prize amount?

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