Nokia Lumianauts are disappointed by Samsung Galaxy at Heathrow airport

Microsoft is known for its interesting advertising campaigns, such as Scroogled that takes a pop at Google. At London’s Heathrow airport, a new sponsorship deal with Samsung means that the busy Terminal 5 has been, at least temporarily, renamed to Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5. This is something that Microsoft heard about, and sent in a team of Nokia Lumianauts to investigate.

Four space explorer were dispatched to Europe’s busiest airport to investigate rumors that it was possible to reach “the Galaxy” from there. Microsoft Devices ferried the Lumianauts to the terminal where they went off in search of suitable flights. Disappointment ensued when the quartet realized it was nothing more than a rebranding by rivals Samsung.

It was all a bit of fun — ultimately little more than a photo opportunity — but it did give the Lumianauts the chance to radio home and utter the immortal words “Microsoft… we have a problem”.

Despite the disappointment at having to remain firmly on Earth, “we can all console ourselves with the knowledge that the Lumia we have in our pockets is always out of this world,” said the would-be spacemen.