Nokia security video shows how Windows Phone on Lumia devices keeps you safe

Windows Phone may not have the usage levels enjoyed by Android and iOS, but there is one thing it can — and does — boast of; security. It is also something that Nokia are keen to highlight in a new video that demonstrates how Lumia handsets are a more secure alternative that those offered by rivals.

The video points out that modern phones are much more than phone — they are used to store all manner of personal information — and that losing it could have severe consequences. Nokia points out that Windows Phone 8 prevents the installation of apps that do not come from the Windows Phone Store, so the risk of encountering Trojans and other malicious apps is greatly reduced.

The inclusion of Internet Explorer is also put forward as a valuable security feature, particularly the browser ability to warn about malicious websites.

Of course, it is still extremely frustrating if your phone is lost or stolen, but the ability to backup data to SkyDrive — er, sorry… OneDrive — means that it need not be lost forever. And the ability to track the location of a handset means that you could be quickly reunited with your handset anyway.

Check out the video below in all its cartoony glory.

Do you feel that Windows Phone keeps you safer than iOS or Android, or do you believe there are risks associated with all of the mobile platforms?