OneDrive for Business gets simple controls, site folders, smarter search, and more in latest update

Microsoft has rolled out an update to OneDrive for Business users, adding a few new features to the service. The updates include simple controls to make common tasks easier, site folders to show document libraries, smarter search to help you find what you need faster, and additional user interface improvements.

“In March, at SharePoint Conference 2014, we announced a lot of goodness ‘coming soon’ to OneDrive for Business in Office 365. Now, two months later, we’re beginning to roll out some of the user experience innovations and refinements, including Simple Controls, Site Folders, smarter Search, and more,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Here are the list of new features:

  • Simple controls make the most common task easier, with new buttons for new, upload, sync, edit, manage, and share.
  • Site folders show you the document libraries of SharePoint sites you follow right within your main OneDrive for Business web view.
  • Smarter Search helps you more quickly find documents with improvements to scope the search to documents shared with you, site folders, and your personal OneDrive for business.
  • Additional user interface improvements

Microsoft has also updated where your profile picture appears. “Soon your profile picture will appear across all of Office 365, when it becomes a part of the evolving global top navigation bar. Note: your profile picture will no longer appear in the upper-left portion of your OneDrive for Business Web user interface,” Microsoft explained.

These updates are rolling out now, over the course of the next few weeks. The above new features were based on feedback, and Microsoft urges consumers to continue providing feedback for future updates.