OneNote Online improves co-authoring experience, now lets you know when someone is working on the same page

Popular note-taking app and service OneNote has added several handy features over the last few months. The app recently made it easier to clip recipes, as well as offered scanning capabilities to its mobile apps. Today OneNote Online improved its co-authoring experience, introducing new features.

OneNote Online has added a new “People Presence” option, that will allow users to check who else is working on or viewing that page or the notebook. The team notes that the service will be able to register one’s presence regardless of the OneNote client they are using. 

Besides that, OneNote has improved the syncing, as a result of which, users will now be able to see each other’s edits in “nearly” real time. It should be noted that several productivity apps including Google Drive has been offering the same feature for months. 

What’s your favorite OneNote feature? Do you use the note taking app to collaborate and work together with your friends and colleagues? Sound off in the comments below.