Power DVD Metro App coming to Windows 8

Lenovo showcased their Thinkpad tablet at the Computex. There was one thing which caught my attention when I saw the start screen of Windows 8 running on that tablet. There was a tile for Power DVD app, which means a Power DVD metro app is coming to Windows 8.

This is a great news for Power DVD fans. Also It would be nice to have Power DVD metro style app in Windows 8 as it would help the users in playing different media files. At present a Video app has been included in Windows 8 by Microsoft for playback. But it does not support all the media file types. For example, It refuses to play .flv files.

A current search for Power DVD in Windows Store gives a list of different available apps. I would like to see Power DVD app in the stores soon.

Stay tuned for more.

Do you use Power DVD and want it in Windows 8?

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