Runtastic’s popular Squats, PushUps, and SitUps apps are now available for Windows 8.1

Runtastic has released their popular fitness apps for Windows 8.1 and you can download them right now for free. The apps include Squats Pro, PushUps Pro, and SitUps Pro, and help you stay fit accompanied by your Windows 8.1 tablet.

Runtastic is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2009, and has rapidly grown into an innovative suite of apps, products and services that track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape, stay healthy, and improve overall fitness. You can check out their website at

All three apps provide you with instructions and motivational tools, along with three levels of a sport science training plan. Squats and sit-ups are counted automatically using the accelerometer, while the recognition of your push ups is done automatically by touching the screen with your nose.

The apps feature a “voice coach” that pushes you to the limit. Can you crank out 50 push-ups? Well, with the voice coach, you might be able to squeeze out a few extra. After you are done with your workout, you can share your results to your friends on social media.

The app also features monthly training stats, and you can upload workout activities to for future review, analysis, and comparison. 

“Users are encouraged to save all workouts on By joining the Runtastic online community, you’ll get further data analysis, coaching, and encouraging comparisons to friends! All these benefits can help you stay motivated while striving to reach your squat, core strength, or overall health and fitness goals,” Runtastic states.

If you are looking for a free motivational tool to help you in your fitness endeavors, we highly recommend these apps. You can grab all three apps via the download links below. They are all free. Enjoy! You can also snag these apps on Windows Phone.