Sign up for Warface public beta, a free-to-play Xbox 360 title for those with Xbox Live Gold

Warface, for those that do not know, is an upcoming first person shooter, free-to-play title for the Xbox 360. Developed by Crytec, the public beta for the game is about to begin and they need your help! 

“Warface Xbox 360 Edition is coming soon, but some of you won’t have to wait very long at all – the game’s beta starts today, and Crytek is looking for folks to test the game out,” Microsoft’s Jeff Rubenstein​ stated in an official blog post. Warface is set to be an exclusive title on the Xbox 360 – specifically as a free-top-play title for those with an Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

In order to partake in the public beta program, all you have to do is answer a question in an email to major[at] with the subject line “Warface.” Winners will then be randomly selected from correct entries and will be notified with the codes by Friday, February 7th. Crytek is offering 50 codes for the beta program, so good luck! Watch the video below for help on answering the question.

Here is the question: What are the four classes of soldier you can choose from in Warface? 

Or you can head over to and sign up for a chance to be entered into the beta program. Good luck!