Skype app on Xbox One to receive enhancements next week, based on user feedback

Microsoft is listening to you – at least when it comes to the Skype app on Xbox One. Based on consumer feedback, Microsoft is set to roll out an update to the Skype app for Xbox One, adding a few new enhancements.

“We’re continuing to roll out updates to the Skype app on Xbox One, with version 1.3 available early next week. As you saw last month, we continue to listen to your feedback and to focus on your top requested enhancements that make your Skype experience on Xbox One even better,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

In this new update, Skype will now allow you to take a Skype profile picture using Kinect on your Xbox One. You can also elect to use your Xbox One gamerpic, if you so desire. Microsoft has also added enhancements to auto zoom, so those on the other end of the video call can see the best possible picture experience. “We found ways to better identify people in the picture, especially when there are multiple people in the room. The camera can adjust and see the entire family, even the little ones,” Microsoft explained.

Of course, bugs were squashed in this update. Microsoft is set to roll out this app update early next week.