Skype issues statement regarding last week’s attack, swears your data is safe

News that is not CES-related may be tough to come by right about now, but you will recall, last week was a different story. While most of us were welcoming in the new year, Microsoft was busy fending off an attack in which Skype was hacked.

The software itself was not compromised, but its blog, Twitter account and Facebook page were all defaced, with the Syrian Electronic Army claiming responsibility for the act. A message posted to the blog read “Don’t use Microsoft emails (hotmail, outlook), They are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments”.

Today, the communications service wishes to assure everyone that their data was not compromised during this event. Microsoft has posted a message to its customers, which can be read below.

“On Jan. 1, 2014, we became aware of a targeted cyber-attack that led to access to Skype’s social media properties on Facebook, Twitter and this blog. We quickly reset the credentials used to manage these properties.  No user information was compromised, and Skype’s service was not affected”.

Skype goes on to point out that it is taking steps ensure the privacy of its users from both data breaches such as this, as well as from government snooping.

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