Skype for Windows Phone updated with photo sharing capabilities, conversation history and more

Skype continues to introduce more new features and enhancements with every update they release. Recently, Skype for Windows Phone — includes both Windows Phone 8/8.1 — was bumped to version 2.2, introducing several new features and performance enhancements to improve the user experience of the app.

With the new Skype 2.20 for Windows Phone, users are now able to send photos to one or more contacts as well as the ability to receive them from iPhone and Windows Phone 8/8.1 users. As for users on any other platforms, a link to an image will be shared when you send or receive an image from the recipient.

“When you share photos to your contacts who use other platforms, they may receive a URL link to open the pictures. This is the first step: we’re working hard to build this new photo sharing experience across all of our platforms, so look out for more improvements over the coming months,” Skype says in a blog post.

Skype 2.2 also allow users to open the conversation history by scrolling up — a very handy feature as a need may arise to view the chat history with any Skype contact. 

Other features and enhancements includes the ability to add contacts to favorites, performance improvements, and text markup support “such as asterisks to make your text *bold* and underscores to make your text _italic_.”

The update is available for download via the Windows Phone Store link below. 

Thanks to Sargon for the tip!

  • Sargon

    Good, finally a step in the right direction! It’s almost on par with iOS now, only missing animated emoticons.

    Now they need to start making use of the WP8.1 file picker and let us share EVERYTHING, instead of just some photos. Until then Android version will be superior.
    They should add a transparent tile as well already. That cyan square is pretty ugly.

    • Daniel

      I kinda like the cyan square :p
      But I am using the small tile, I can see how this gets ugly if you want to use a larger one…

      • Sargon

        I basically have 3 medium tiles: SMS/Skype/Whatsapp. Everything else (except for Office, OneNote and OneDrive) are transparent. So these opaque tiles are very annoying. I just don’t get it why do they introduce great features to an OS and then never support them properly. I know some people like their opaque tiles, so MS should do what a lot of 3rd party apps do: GIVE US A CHOICE!

  • xankazo

    The update isn’t live yet. Waiting… :)

  • StarEy3

    One less thing to complain about, now please unbundle Office from WP so that it is easier to update

    • Sargon

      And add transparent tiles. Seriously… 3rd party supports them much better than 1st party.

      • StarEy3

        I agree, but the transparent tile functionality itself could use some improvements, like removing the need for developers to implement transparent tiles themselves

        • Sargon

          To be fair, it’s already “kind of” implemented. You know how in WP8.0 some app tiles had their own colour (Microsoft’s own mostly, what a surprise), while others changed their colour to match the phone’s accent?
          Well all those apps automatically become transparent on 8.1, developer doesn’t have to do anything. Apps which ignored the accent’s colour have to be updated manually in order to have a transparent tile on 8.1

      • Men’s Rights Groningen

        transparent tiles are horrible, Microsoft should make every live tile optional, by giving uses a choice to what is coloured and what is transparent, that way it would allow most customization in the hands of the developers and in the hands of the end-users…

  • emiruyunka

    Will they ever fix this bug that profile pictures of my contacts only update when the other person and me are online at the same time.

    The online version of Skype is always up to date, but applications (no matter which platform) aren’t.

  • Zetrosoft


  • StanLea

    At last Skype is now in WP8.1 GDR1 Notification Centre. Guess Microsoft do listen to Uservoice – sometimes!

  • Daniel

    hmm… looks like the whole picture sharing is still kind of a beta feature.
    can’t share pictures via skype from the gallery, also wish we could send more than just pictures.

    why no let us share anything we want? if it’s too much for the skype servers why not integrate onedrive and let the file sharing happen via the cloud?

    at least its progress, took them long enough and all other platforms were first, but still good to finally see an update.

    • Daniel

      How do I save received pictures?
      Call me an idiot if I am wrong, but it looks like there is no way to save a received image!

      The photo a friend just sent me does not appear in the gallery and I can’t find any options to save it from within Skype…
      Don’t mind my last comment, where I called this update “progress”, this is useless!

    • Sargon

      There is nothing that’s “too much” for servers to handle”. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It works just file for desktops and android. It’s just that they tried to make this work on WP8.0, which is a silly little closed OS, so all this sharing is pretty useless. They should have made this specifically for Windows Phone 8.1 and made use of the file picker and file saver, so we could share anything, just like on the desktop and android. And yeah, there is no way to save those “received” images.

      • Daniel

        When I said “too much for the skype servers”, I didn’t doubt that MS has the resources to make it happen.
        But letting all data through the servers requires a lot of traffic/performance, especially if it goes to multiple devices. So basically, what I meant was, “if this would be too expensive for a free service” :p

        Also I noticed, that the photo my friend sent me, is now saved on the skype servers… it appears also on my Win8 PC (ok not directly, because the Win8 app (not the desktop version) doesn’t support photo sharing either, but there is a link that allows me to see the image within my browser).
        Btw. the photo was a 8.7MP image taken on a Lumia 920, it got downscaled to ~800×400 pixels :(

        If they intend to save our shared data alongside our chat history on their servers, we can pretty much forget full file sharing.

        I really don’t know what the hell they are up to and how this is supposed to work and extend in the future. Looks like another short-term solution to somehow add a feature every other messenger already has…

        I know I sound negative here, but I do want Skype and WP to be successful!

        • Sargon

          Yeah it appears they are once again trying to fix something that’s not broken….. Sigh… I wrote this on the Skype forums:
          “Ok I was really excited to hear this feature finally coming, but I now realise that it couldn’t be more useless.

          Why try to come up with some crazy weird way of sharing photos, instead of just using the same good way it works on desktops and android?
          We cannot receive anything from the desktop, it claims that I’m trying to send it via “old” file transfer system. OLD!? It’s a billion times superior than this nonsense you implemented here!
          Also why do you keep referring to the great desktop file sharing as old? Are you planning to replace it with this “new” garbage on the desktop as well? Why does Microsoft keep downgrading all their software and call it “new”?

          Also even with this “new” system we still cannot save any received images. What’s the point of that then?

          I said this many times already: WP8.1 has a file picker and a file saver. Just make it work exactly the same way it works on a desktop and android! It’s far superior. We can save our files that way and share any file, instead of just some photos!”

          • Men’s Rights Groningen

            We should all become more active in the Skype Community, many times they ignore feature requests because they don’t read them, if it bring the ball to their park then they should give justifications…

      • Men’s Rights Groningen

        I see that you’re right, more OneDrive integration would be better, until now Skype stills publishes under ”Skype” in the Windows Phone store, and downloading from them in Win32 shows ”Skype Technologies S.A.”, sometimes Skype seems like a division Microsoft can spin off in a day and no-one would notice, it is only recently that Skype actually begins to be used more in Microsoft services, integrating other Microsoft services into Skype should be the next step, they should allow Skype-users to see a number on an Outlook icon to show how much e’mails are unread, and make quicker links to other Microsoft services, Skype still looks and feels like a 3rd party app. (–_–)

  • Men’s Rights Groningen

    I don’t get the whole ”iPhone privilege thing”, that aside picture-sharing is now on the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of Skype features meaning that there is only a short list of features that they’re missing, one of them being voice messages on Windows Phone, thankfully Windows Live Call, Windows Live Video Messages, and the Windows Live Web Messenger are all included, but voice messages (something Skype for iPhone has) and the ability to import contacts from your phone book (something Skype for Android has) are still feautures that WhatsApp-Messenger has that Skype is still missing, it’s almost ”the best I.M. service out there”, it only misses those 2 things, but I’m sure that they’re coming, after that Microsoft should merge the Messaging Hub with Skype so we can receive and send S.M.S.’es from our P.C.’s as well… on our own load, not the Skype load…

  • Aaditya Menon

    A UI update please…………….

    • Zetrosoft

      Yes The Pivot Title Is Consuming Too Much Space .