Skype’s privacy bug lets former participants in a group chat receive messages

A new bug has been discovered in Skype that makes the instant messaging and video chat app leak group chats to former participants. Spotted by Forbes’ Ian Morris, Microsoft is yet to acknowledge and fix this issue.

Once a member from a group chat has been removed, ideally that person shouldn’t be able to get any further messages from that point forward. However, as of now, Skype continues to keep sending messages to them.

Morris believes that this privacy loophole has something to do with Skype’s reliance on peer-to-peer technology. The service uses one another’s computing and storage resources. An updated copy of the message log data is suspected of being shared to all the participants of a group when they log-in.

Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the bug and issue a fix for this. Until then, we advise you to create a new group for conversation, if you remember removing people from the chat-list.