SocialRadar app for Windows 8.1 gives you real-time information about the people around you

SocialRadar is a fantastic new app for Windows 8.1 that lets you know who is around you. The app works in a simple manner — it combines your device’s location information with the chatter from your social networks.

SocialRadar gives you real-time information about the people around you. Know who’s around. See how you’re connected. Discover what they’ve been up to. All while controlling your privacy on one beautiful app. Imagine walking into a room already knowing there are 4 co-workers, 2 college friends, and 3 friends of friends nearby. And that one of your college friends just got engaged and your co-worker was just promoted,” the app description reads.

Of course, you have total control over your privacy and you can share your information publicly, just with friends, be anonymous, or be invisible. The app allows you to find people based on similar backgrounds, interests, or characteristics. You can even set your radar range to see people in a specific or broad location.

The app also lets you see people’s social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Foursquare. You can make new connections and even network with people who are like-minded.

The app is free and you can download it via the download link below.