Solve crimes using your puzzle solving skills in Puzzle Detective for Windows 8.1

A new app has appeared in the Windows Store which requires you to use your puzzle solving skills to solve crimes. Puzzle Detective, a free game for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT, comes with lots of puzzles for you to solve and achievements to unlock.

“Can you solve riddles? Anagrams? Picture puzzles, cryptic clues, and every other kind of puzzle? If so, you should join the Puzzle Detective Agency where you can solve crimes using your puzzle solving skills.¬†Catch crooks, help your friends, and beat your arch-nemesis The Puzzler at his own game in Puzzle Detective,” the app description reads.

The app features a “funky” soundtrack and the ability to share puzzles to your friends for their assistance. You can even track your progress and earn achievements along the way. Puzzle Detective is a fun game that is definitely worth checking out. Hit the download link below to snag the app.