Sony Vaio becomes a ‘hot’ product as company issues warning about battery fires

Lithium Ion batteries have become the stuff of urban legend, fueled by stories of fires and a recent recall for the HP Chromebook 11 -- though that was actually a charger issue, and simply overheating, with no flames involved. Still, the fear, uncertainty and doubt seed is planted.

Now Sony joins in the parade issuing a warning of its own. According the the Wall Street Journal, the company is “asking customers to stop using its Vaio Fit 11A laptop as soon as possible”.

The company claims to have received three complaints of batteries heating to the point of causing burns. The incidents have all taken place in Asia, with Japan, China and Hong Kong each represented.

The model in question, the Vaio Fit 11A, which is no longer on the market, as sales ceased earlier this month. “Sony said in a statement Friday it was identifying the affected computers by serial number and developing a program to repair or replace them. It said the company would provide details on its home page within two weeks”, the company states.

Few of the line were cold in the US, as the vast majority were for the Asian market. This also is not the first Vaio battery problem to come to light. 


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