Sunset Overdrive to arrive on Xbox One this October, features a ‘chaos mode’

Sunset Overdrive, the upcoming open world, third-person shooter game will hit Xbox One on October 28th, CEO Ted Price announced during Microsoft’s E3 2014 conference.

The upcoming title from Insomniac Games will have “Chaos Mode” enabled, which Price described as an eight player cooperative experience — basically, it will let people play in unison. The company says the game will have “lots of updates” and players will be be able to discover and unlock several features inside the game.

Sunset Overdrive promotes an energy drink called “OverCharge Delirium XT” that apparently turns its drinkers into mutants.

Larry Hryb recently said that Sunset Overdrive will be able to make use of the 10% GPU boost that the Kinect-less Xbox One exhibits. “I think about games like Sunset Overdrive, that’s going to take advantage of the June [update]. And they’re going to use the increased capability that lowering the reserve will have to actually make a more vibrant and alive gameplay space, so that’s where they’re going to invest.”