Surface Pro 2 firmware update begins rolling out, according to some reports

The Surface Pro 2 (and Surface 2, for that matter) has been a big deal since being released late last year. Where the first generation fell a bit short, the latest model seems to have made up the difference. But, lately the news has swirled around a firmware update that has been expected to be arriving at virtually any moment.

That moment seems to be today, at least for a few lucky customers. Mary Jo Foley over at ZDnet claims that some Surface Pro 2 owners are reporting that they are receiving the bits now. In fact, some even reported in that the firmware arrived yesterday.

Before you get too excited, we need to preface this by stating that the update may not be complete. In other words, there’s a chance Microsoft will be handling this a bit at a time, with multiple different fixes hitting the market. You should also beware that this is obviously a gradual process. You may get it today or tomorrow or next week.

“I’ve asked Microsoft officials to confirm that the firmware update that is rolling out for Surface Pro 2 is the awaited fix for the battery-life/cover problems reported in December. I’ve also asked for an update as to when all Surface Pro 2 users should get the firmware update”, Foley stated in a post today.

The update is expected to fix problems caused by an update that was pushed back in December, which turned out cause other problems.